"Escape this moment,

I get closer to the self

that was hidden

in the depths."

Chester’s artworks usually focus on the non-linguistic parts of civilization in anthropology. These are also the starting point of his creation. Following the origins, Chester tries to explore a new way of how to live in an environment, where the individual and the public can nurture and clasp each other in a more equal way.

He is active in London to explore more possibilities for the interaction and impact of artworks with the environment, the individual, and public space. His artworks, such as One Sec, are exhibited in central business spaces in Shanghai, Beijing, and other cities around the world.

Flower After Fower

Based on the works in 2009, Chester re-creates them using digital method on the same theme, which symbolizes the process of life's continuous reproduction and evolution. The works are a record of life and the flow of time.

Micro City

As I turned the corner where I visited for the first time, I felt transported back to the city of my childhood. Strangeness or belonging can only change in an instant if you accidentally go in the wrong direction. The two cities are far apart, but they have the same inner connection. This distant similarity creates a different perspective. What you thought you had forgotten may never be far away.

Motion Type

The superimposition of time and dynamics gives familiar words and spaces a new look and feel through changes in form. They give the billboards at urban hubs new meanings and functions. The silent integration of art into the surrounding landscape and ordinary public life opens new mental opportunities, creates a dialogue, and reshapes space.

Flower & Flower

Constructed from flowers and paper. The installation is an experimental process that creates new relationships between image and text. Abstract forms are used to give depth and movement to light and shadow, and in the space between virtuality and reality lies the breath. Turn back attention, from focusing on the results back to observing how it takes root, sheds leaves, matures into a plant, and blossoms. Life multiplies and moves forward in flow.